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Welcome to the crawley project web site!

Crawley is Pythonic Crawling / Scraping framework intented to change the way you think about extracting data from the internet.


  • High Speed WebCrawler built on Eventlet.
  • Store you data in relational databases like Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, Sqlite.
  • Export your data into Json, XML formats. New
  • Supports NoSQL databased like Mongodb and Couchdb. New
  • Command line tools.
  • Extract data using your favourite tool. XPath or Pyquery (A Jquery-like library for python).
  • Cookie Handlers for scraping login protected pages.
  • Very easy to use (see the examples).
We are proud to announce the release 0.2.3 of the crawley framework.

Satisfy Dependencies. In ubuntu just do:

~$ apt-get install python-dev libxml2 libxslt1-dev
Then you can download the latest version from pip:

~$ pip install crawley
Or clone the repository at github:

~$ git clone git://

Where to start?

You can checkout first the documentation and learn crawley with examples!. Also you can join the crawley-users group. The community is in there to help you.

Do you wanna contribute?

Or make a financial donation via paypal.

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