About the crawley framework creators.

About Us

Crawley Cloud is a cloud-based web crawling and screen scraping service built on the top of the Crawley Framework. This project started in November 2011 with the intention of making data extraction an easy and interactive activity for everyone.

Meet Our Team

Juan Manuel Garcia

Python, Ruby & PHP programmer since 2008. Open source lover and enthusiastic software developer. Also Geek by nature. He has worked on several Crawling / Scraping projects and developed a bunch of crawlers in many languages. At the time he is working on open source projects at Github and blogging at WordPress.

David Litvak Bruno

Python, Ruby, PHP & Java enthusiastic programmer since 2009. POO Assistant Teacher at UTN FRBA. GIS Developer. He is a framework development devotee. You can follow him at @dlitvakb.

Daniel Valverde

Python, Java & PHP programmer since 2007. He has worked in different software companies, and freelance for over 5 years. This has allowed him to gain great experience in web development and mobile applications. You can follow him at @danielfv87.

Ernesto Gabriel Bossi

Python programmer since 2007. POO/Mainframe Systems Assistant Teacher at UTN FRBA. SAS Developer/Analyst.